Objects that (Don't) Belong Objects Tell Stories Bowery Street and Grand Street

Objects that (Don't) Belong

Vita Coco is a drink container that is not often found in the trashcans of Chinatown, New York City.  The bottle here tells us this picture dates after 2003, when Vita Coco was first branded and marketed.1Who brought it to this location?

Objects Tell Stories

This bubble tea is from Kung Fu Tea, a bubble tea franchise that has a location two blocks away from this trash can. It's only half finished.

Things thrown away can tell a lot about the place, people and their values.

Bowery Street and Grand Street

The litter basket, an often ignored until needed item, plays a large part in the story of public trash. This one, on the corner of Bowery and Grand in Chinatown, is one I pass quite often and is also this full quite often.

Bowery and Grand St, 2018. Photograph taken by jaime ding.